• Tele – Consultations

By Allopathic Registered Medical Practitioners over Phone / Video

# In Real-Time

# Consultations provided in all Indian languages

# Compliant with the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines issued by the Board of Governors in the suppression of the MCI

  • Patient PHR (One Health Record)

    Unique ID – linked to the phone number of patient and to all his medical records

    # Highly flexible and adaptable system with interoperable APIs

    # All data stored in India

    # SNOMED CT integration by default

    # Role-based access control inbuilt and Secure by design

  • e-prescriptions (Compliant with the IT Act) on Mobile phones

    # Intuitive interface for digital prescriptions with AI-based suggestions for all fields

    # Digital Signatures (public/private key based) enabled on mobile phones

    e-prescription compliant with the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines and the IT Act

    # SNOMED CT encoding for all prescriptions

    # Proven effective by 600 doctors all over the country

  • Telemedicine Training

    # Highly effective training module which allows Doctors to hit the ground running

    # Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Sensitization and Training module covering the context, legal, triaging and technical aspects of telemedicine in collaboration with the Telemedicine Society of India

    # Onboarding Module to familiarize Doctors with the platform and on using the e-prescription and telemedicine software

  • Medical Record Digitization

    # Proven ability to digitize all types of medical records (including x-ray films) and store them securely

    # Provision for grant of Secure temporary access by patient to providers

    Timeline based interface facilitating easy tagging, search and retrieval of patient’s medical records

    # Provision for integration with DigiLocker (Digital India)

  • Medical Application Development

    # Proven ability to build cutting edge technical platforms for medical use-cases

  • Applications can run on any platform

    # Desktop / Mobile (Web/ Android / iOS apps)

  • 100% made in India

  • Data and code stored on Indian Servers